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In 2008, the Pope used text messaging to reach out to his sphere of influence. He regularly Tweets to six different accounts. Now he's Skyping to outer space. So, how's your postcard marketing going?  Read more

It's common to hear agents, reporters and consumers complain that the housing market is being hurt because "credit is too tight." They make it sound like banks are being stingy, when in fact, credit isn't something the banks provide at all. Here's why.  Read more

Polls and surveys are nice, but perhaps the best market research is to sit and chat with your customers. We think that would make for a fantastic office meeting, too!  Read more

Most sellers only interview one agent when choosing someone to sell their home. So it seems to us that social networking is far more important than listing presentations. We explain why.  Read more

College graduates in 2011 will leave school with record levels of debt, raising questions about the future of the housing market's traditional supply of first time home buyers. Smart real estate agents will be prepared to help them anyway.  Read more

Over the weekend, the National Association of REALTORS voted to become more like a union, and to start the process of killing off MLS. Did you miss that vote, too? We thought so.  Read more

A perennial challenge in real estate is getting agents to attend the office meeting. We’ve offered a variety of ideas over the years. Here’s one more: Stop holding meetings.  Read more