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Forget the gurus and experts. Don’t look at the research. Delete all the e-books. If you don’t want to sell homes using social media, I’m sure these successful real estate agents won’t mind one bit.  Read more

What happens when the "me, me, me" marketing approach comes face to face with the socially attractable consumer? Real estate agents are about to learn that modern consumers expect their brands to be about the consumer, not them.  Read more

Last week a lot of noise was generated by Zillow’s acquisition of Postlets. Is this another shot in the war for real estate listing syndication? There is an old saying that when all you have is a hammer than everything starts looking like a nail. In his case, I think Zillow’s going to surprise everyone.  Read more

New technology alone cannot get customers to like your company if your process still feels like it has been around since the Eisenhower Era. An interesting blog from Harvard Business Review offers some advice for the real estate industry, too.  Read more

The classic real estate model asks each person to do everything. Agents must master dozens of skills. Managers must know those, plus management ones. The results are polarized. Maybe it's time to fix an organizational design flaw in the industry.  Read more

For years we’ve been pointing out the failures of traditional marketing methods used in the real estate industry. But what happens when the “new” marketing approaches start to fail, too? Get ready for a real innovation challenge!  Read more