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Most real estate agents are taught to prospect their personal sphere, neighborhoods and renters-becoming-first-time-buyers, but do classic "textbook" strategies still work in today's market? Time to look beyond.  Read more

According to Pew Research, college grads borrowed a lot more this decade than a generation ago. When they come home for the holidays this year, it might be to stay for a whole lot longer. It also means the first-time home buyer patterns are changing once again in our country.  Read more

Too many REALTORS are in "lock-down" mode during the housing recession. But approximately 4.5 million homes will switch hands this year. Innovative brokers should be making a killing.  Read more

Some sources are reporting that house prices are still falling. Big deal, when consumers have little left over in their weekly paychecks.  Read more

There's a simpler explanation why housing prices might be falling in some markets, but it only makes sense if you understand what "list price" means.  Read more

Enjoy a free episode packed with ideas on how to maximize your video marketing courtesy of the Matthew Ferrara Learning Network.  Read more

The 2010 NAR Convention in New Orleans has barely started and already great ideas are everywhere. For starters, try creating an internal company social network  Read more

In 2008, Baylor University found REALTORS spending money on ineffective lead generation tools. That was then. What about today?  Read more

Contrary to popular belief, a wave of foreclosures would be the best solution for the housing market and the broader economy.  Read more