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Over 50% of broadband and 33% of wireless data is video traffic. Text and photos just won't cut it with Gen X and Y. Make sure your videos really stand out with three must-do tips.  Read more

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What do you get when you combine a foreclosure recall, Helicopter Bernanke bucks and praise for higher home prices? A triple dip in the housing market.  Read more

Just when the housing market was starting to heal, government steps in and makes a mess of things once again. It's not robo-signers but robo-politicians that are are once again disrupting the marketplace. At consumers' continued expense.  Read more

Let's get real - and radical - about changing the real estate market. Rather than wringing our hands about first time buyers, bankers and credit, why don't we find the clients of the future, who have something very valuable: Cash.  Read more

Can you feel it? Maybe it's the change of seasons, the political campaigns or robo-signers who are to blame, but what the housing industry needs right now is just a little peace and quiet.  Read more