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If fixing the housing industry were just a matter of money, we should all be blowing bubbles once again. Billions of dollars and dozens of programs later, will we learn what the market really wants us to do: Nothing.  Read more

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Fannie and Freddie committed the biggest taxpayer fraud in history. It's time to put them away for good, and the head of their crime syndicate, HUD.  Read more

So what if the housing market takes another turn for the worse? Markets go up, markets go down. Unless you're ready to quit selling real estate, what matters isn't the market but your strategy. Here's why.  Read more

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It's up to local real estate professionals to keep the American Dream alive. It's a tough job, but they're the best ones to do it. Here's why.  Read more

Home buyers need to get over the fact that they might lose some money. So what? They do it all the time.  Read more