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Like many other aspects of this recession, the spring real estate market is creating some surprises for the industry. On the one hand, buyers are starting to move off the sidelines, enticed by low mortgage rates and rising home affordability. This nice surprise offers real estate agents an opportunity to move some inventory and create cash flow after a seriously difficult winter market. And while the recent increase in activity is welcome weather, some not-so-nice surprises are springing up with the season.

Recently I participated on a panel where the audience could ask literally anything. After a few softball questions to get started, the pink elephant entered the room: What do you think the real estate brokerage company of the future will look like? The room was suddenly still. Everyone leaned forward in their seats. All eyes were on the panelists. And after three other great answers – about companies focused on leadership, treating customers like guests, and practicing the fine art of salesmanship – the microphone came to me. What would be my answer? What will the real estate brokerage of  Read more