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This video made me jump up out of my seat and cheer! Finally, a businessman who isn’t embarrassed by what he earns – and is willing to defend it in front of the mass purveyors of guilt, the Media. Every REALTOR should watch this clip and see what it looks like when someone stands up and says, Yes, dammit! I’m worth every penny! I may get paid a lot, but I create a LOT MORE value in return. We need a lot more of this kind of attitude in the industry these days – rather than the doom, gloom, hat-in-hand  Read more

At first, I thought it was a joke, something to lighten the mood of an otherwise dour real estate industry. Yet a few clicks of the email invitation told me it wasn’t a joke, it was actually back by “popular demand” of a lot of REALTORS.  If I hurried, I could save a seat at the “all new and updated” course that would unlock my power colors and align my compass at a very affordable price. I couldn’t help it, and just laughed out loud. Feng Shui for real estate is back. It’s being conducted in the Temples of Real  Read more

As President Obama signed the stimulus bill into law yesterday, the vast majority of Americans, and some REALTORS, registered their vote against it. No, another election wasn’t held – but the 300 point drop in the DOW Jones Industrials Index is a better indicator than an election of citizen sentiment on any given day. Obviously, most Americans aren’t fooled by this bill: It neither inspired confidence nor demonstrated a clear path out of the recession. Political pundits on both sides of the aisle were forced into the interminable pattern of “yes, but…” in their commentary. Yet the National Association of  Read more

Like a three ring circus, the housing bill distracts the American taxpayer with shiny baubles. Behind the scenes however, the bill will likely destroy the housing industry and the careers of millions of REALTORS. Yet the moths continue to fly toward the fire, praising the insidious federal policy of giving away down-payments to buyers, forcing banks to write down mortgage principle, and protecting non-paying borrowers. All this , and more, just to set the stage for the big act: Commission caps for REALTORS. Really. Haven’t Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac done enough harm already? Remember Barney Frank’s “roll the dice”  Read more

Months ago, we wrote that traditional internet marketing was dead. In August, 2008, MySpace outranked Yahoo for the top spot in ad displays. More people saw more pages – and advertising – on a social network than searching the “trusty” search engine. Did REALTORS take notice? Apparently not, since we’re still getting emails from agents asking “what website service” should they use. They shouldn’t feel alone, since the story went largely unnoticed by everyone – except by us – while SEO and PPC web marketers tried to write it off as a fluke. Today, that fluke is setting the stage  Read more