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Everyone stand up and CHEER! In an industry marked by “we’ve always done it that way” insanity – not to mention dozens of people on my blog telling me recently that their calendar and magnet mailings still paid off – there is HOPE for the future! I just received an email and it contained a copy of a – gasp! – newspaper ad from a real estate company that is about to enter “Real Estate, the Next Generation.” Find out how this company is boldly going where few of their competitors will ever dare go themselves…

Yesterday, Chrysler announced it was going to suspend production at ALL of its North American factories until mid January. This was excellent news – for those of us who believe business is a rational process of allocating scarce resources to meet consumer demand. Others may think it’s just a political ploy to get politicians to fork over taxpayer money for the “poor, hardworking (?) UAW laborers” who will go be furloughed over the holiday. Regardless of your stand on the auto maker bail out (would just one new outlet please interview Honda or Toyota during this debate?) there remains a  Read more

Well, Bailout Nation (as CNBC’s Larry Kudlow calls it) is at it again – this time trying to jam a $34 billion dollar “loan” with “conditions” through Congress but with a twist. Rather than just giving the money to the Little Three American Auto Companies (who, by the way, we could purchase for less than 15 billlion) and especially because we don’t want their greedy, evil CEO’s giving themselves bonuses with it, we’ll appoint a Car Czar to oversee the money and their plans to “become viable.” Interesting plan. Considering the real estate industry is also looking for a bail  Read more

I think I’ll apply for the job as Federal Treasurer next month. Apparently, all you need is an abacus and a few simple thoughts and you can at least blow a trillion or so taxpayer dollars. If you’ve actually studied economics, – well, hey, maybe consumers can just fix this mess by making one small change in their approach to purchasing a home… .

Fantasy Island – (US) – The Federal Reserve today unveiled yet another plan to distort the housing industry and stave off a rebound in the marketplace by using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to encourage banks to offer mortgages as low as 4.5% – nearly a¬†full point lower than what ‘unencouraged’ banks have currently priced the risk of mortgage lending in the free market. Undaunted by the volume of empirical data¬†indicating that this very policy of offering below market rates to sub-prime credit borrowers originally caused the over-extension of consumer credit and sharp inflation in housing prices in the last  Read more

One of the most exciting roles our company plays for real estate brokers and agents worldwide happens when we are called upon to do Strategic Planning with them. It’s fascinating to see how planning energizes people – even though many of them have been operating for years without a written plan (:>) Here are some of our tips for your planning for the Future!