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Many of us think we know the story about Thanksgiving. Some starving Pilgrims meet some generous Indians and somebody cooks a turkey, corn and cranberry sauce. But did you know a real estate agent was present at the first Thanksgiving? Here's the real story.  Read more

Recently, some readers of my blog have commented that I continue to take the mickey out of the REALTOR industry for its marketing use of postcards. No mention that I’ve offered alternatives to the postcard marketing option for twenty years. Oh, let’s see. EMail. Blogs. Websites. Phone calls. Maybe it’s just time for a collective postcard scream?

Here’s a question you’re unlikely to hear asked in real estate companies these days: Is the stock market drop a GOOD or BAD thing for the housing industry’s current slump? At a time when nobody seems to have the answers – not the Fed, not Congress, not the Detroit auto makers – to turn around the economy, could it be that the market itself has found a way to revive the housing industry and jump start the economy. And all it takes is a good, old fashioned market crash?

After spending five days in Orlando, Florida with the National Association of REALTORS Annual Conference, I thought it might be helpful to provide the 99.95% of the Association who didn’t go to the event with a few take-aways from what we saw. With trainers, consultants and trade show booth staff in every corner of the Conference, Matthew Ferrara & Company easily saw a little of everything going on. Here, then, are ten take-aways of what you missed.

Sometimes, you just have to learn the hard way. That seems to be the real estate industry’s preferred method of implementing technology tools – at least for the last twenty years or so. A herald comes over the hill, the masses become excited, everyone just starts doing it: And that’s when the highest risk to sound business principles usually occurs. Which is exactly where we are today with IDX – the “sharing” of listing inventory between competing brokers’ websites. It sounds like a good idea, except for one small snag: Your million dollar website now looks awful because the data  Read more