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What will it take to get REALTORS to modernize their skills? NAR’s 2008 Member Profile indicates only 11% of REALTORS use text messaging (cell phone) with current clients; 4% said they used SMS with past clients; and 5% with prospects. In a report with an “adjusted response rate” of 7.7%, you have to wonder if any REALTORS use text messaging at all. Considering one of our recent postings covered the use of Medieval technology, when I came across this next piece, I thought, maybe someone whose average audience is (only) slightly larger than mine might be able to motivate REALTORS  Read more

Imagine if real estate brokers and managers could stop endlessly recruiting. It’s not a dream; it’s a definitely reality for modern companies. Yet for too many brokers, it remains a far off possibility – unfortunately. To stop recruiting, brokers would have to address a big question: Why do they recruit in the first place? Some would say because they were “told to” by other brokers, or trainers, or people-in-the-know, or their franchise. Few would say, “I recruit because I’m currently running my company at 100% efficiency and my agents are using their maximum capacity and the market opportunities warrant our  Read more

One of my most favorite motivational messages comes from a short piece by Simple Truth’s 212-degrees movie. The message is simple and powerful: At 212 degrees, water simply boils. At 212-degrees it becomes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. In other words: One small degree of effort more, and you’re moving from ‘hot water” into powerful productivity. So, what would one degree more of effort look like for REALTORS when trying to sell a home in a competitive marketplace?