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As the Spring approaches, just about the only thing that’s heating up hot in the real estate market is the temperature at open houses. Or at least that’s what many brokes are telling us: slump, slump, slump. Inventory has stalled, buyers are cautious and choosey. Sellers are unreasonable. Oh, and the internet now REALLY sucks. At least, internet leads are “terrible” – if we’re to believe the agents who seem to have no problem throwing the vast majority of them away. Still, everyone’s focused on “redesigning their website” or “pay per click” or “driving traffic” or whatever other form of  Read more

by Matthew Ferrara A recurring theme I’m hearing lately from some clients is that they are in need of a “system” that they can use to “automatically” prospect their new and past clients. You know, a database or something with some sort of “drip marketing” campaign tools. Isn’t there something like that, where I can just put my clients into it and ‘forget it’ while it keeps sending stuff to them. Well, yes, there are things like that. Databases. Campaign managers. Drip email tools. Autoresponders. Even integrated versions of all of the above. Problem is: none of them really lead  Read more

Is it possible that the Federal Reserve, despite all of its protestations to the opposite, really hates the housing industry? Could Bernanke and the rest of the Fed cronies not only be totally incompetent, but actually have a vendetta against the middle class? Is there any evidence that the Fed is out to absolutely destroy the housing market even as it professes to be trying to save it. You bet. And for proof, here’s a little Economics 101. The housing market is a commodity market. Producers create an asset whose price fluxuates according to two factors. The first is consumer  Read more

In the past three days, two great experiences with sales and service people have offered renewed optimism that some organizations are “getting it” when it comes to technology and sales. The first was a fairly straightforward presentation from the Owens Corning company. We invited them to our house to propose a plan for finishing our basement. Owens Corning has this really cool system that essentially “snaps together” like Leggos. It’s completely organic free – so it can’t mold or mildew – and you can have your entire basement finished in days, not months, that traditional drywall and multiple contractors (electric,  Read more